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Sports, Entertainment

Blackburn Rovers Football Club

Industry: Sports

Spector 360 Helps Blackburn Rovers Show Red Card to PC and Internet Abuse

After the Blackburn Rovers "took web filtering as far as it would go," the English Premier League team scored big and kicked PC and Internet abuse to the sidelines with Spector 360.

"Productivity is up ... you can see it. You look at a person's day, and all that shows up is business apps," said Senior Systems Administrator Ben Hayler. "Spector 360 delivers just like the name says ... it provides a complete all-around view ... 360-degree protection."

Level Up!

Industry: Entertainment

Spector 360 Helps Take Philippines Gaming Company to Next Level

Online Gaming Company, Level Up!, credits Spector 360 monitoring software for creating a strong sense of balance and fairness with a younger generation of workers, while improving security and efficiency.

"Spector 360 has allowed us to balance productivity with a level of motivation and fun," said Christopher A. Syling, Chief Operating Officer. "With Spector 360, the net effect is better margins... it helps keep us profitable."

Manufacturing, Transportation

Beijing Yoshinoya Fast Food Co., Ltd

Industry: Manufacturing / Food & Beverage

Spector 360 Provides Fast Food Company with Recipe for Success

Despite being "half-a-world away," Beijing Yoshinoya Fast Food Co., Ltd of Beijing, China experiences the same points of pain as Western business ... and also the same resulting surprise and exultation accompanying the implementation of Spector 360. Deputy General Manager Chris Tay declared:

"The number of hours on non-work related sites has come down so fast that it is unreal. Productivity on the computer has gone up ... the change happened almost overnight."

Ajax Boiler Inc.

Industry: Manufacturing

Monitoring Software Helps Keep a Lid On It at Ajax Boiler Inc.

President and CEO Jane Terry was startled to find something she never expected: industrial espionage. Now Terry wouldn't consider operating without Spector 360 as a technology ally.

"Spector 360 ideally suits my purpose," said Terry. "From spreadsheets to email, I see what's moving across the desks. I absolutely cannot see being in a senior management position without it."

HighTec HVAC

Industry: Mechanical Contracting

Spector 360 Helps Clear the Air at HighTec HVAC

Spector 360 has become a vital business tool at HighTec HVAC because of its demonstrated ability to eliminate PC and Internet abuse, resulting in significant productivity savings. Said President and Owner Edward DeAngelis:

"Spector 360 is so important to me that if somehow the program was not working, I'd be freaking out."

INCA (Industrias Nacionales C. por A.)

Industry: Manufacturing

Spector 360 Helps INCA Keep It Real

INCA management had questions about employee PC and Internet activity its IT department was unable to answer – until Spector 360 helped Senior IT Manager Franklin Arosemena "find out what's real."

 Spector 360 identified cost savings opportunities, tracked inappropriate offsite use of company laptops, and uncovered a potentially catastrophic gap in security.

Carlile Transportation Systems

Industry: Transportation

Monitoring Software Delivers for Alaskan Shipping Company

Anchorage-based Carlile Transportation Systems prefers adherence to standard business practice when it comes to employees and their use of company PCs, especially email and Internet access.

"Your company policy determines the rules," said IS Manager Eugene O'Neal. "And Spector 360 enforces them."

top » Communications, Energy

Avonline plc

Industry: Telecommunications

Spector 360 Taking Care of Business at Avonline plc

With nearly 70 percent of the Avonline plc workforce on mobile laptops, staying in touch with employees is critical. Spector 360 helps bridge that gap, providing insight into employee activities and performance as well.

"Spector 360 clearly had the power to show us what we do and who we are," said IT Manager Nick Myers. "It's not just a tool to detect abuses … but a program that lets us see how business is being done."

F&B Communications

Industry: Communications

Spector 360 Identifies and Ends Widespread Abuse at F&B Communications

It took just a week of monitoring with Spector 360 for General Manager Ken Laursen to determine that abusive emailing and excessive web surfing were putting a serious crimp in productivity at F&B Communications.

 Laursen credits Spector 360 with helping him address a harsh economy with a "lean and mean" organization.

RCS Communications

Industry: Wireless Communications

Monitoring Software "Hands Down" Choice at RCS Communications

Spector 360's ability to record and report on everything employees do at the PC and on the Internet provides this company with the insight necessary to eliminate employee game-playing and other inappropriate behavior.

"We distributed the pictures anonymously to demonstrate Spector 360's technology. The game-playing stopped cold."

IMV Projects

Industry: Energy

Spector 360 Helps IMV Projects Secure Network, Increase Productivity

In addition to a need for increased network security, IMV Projects management sought a way to "determine the nature" of employee time on the Internet. According to IT Manager Ross Benov, Spector 360 has done what it was bought for, and "pays for itself many times over."

'Doing the math' places IMV Project's annual recoup of lost productivity at anywhere from $200K to more than $1 million

top » Government, Law Enforcement

Cibola County

Industry: Government

Spector 360 Helps Keep Cibola County Well-Seated

It took a "pretty big deal" — complete with state police and the FBI — to bring on Spector 360, but now the county wouldn't operate without it. Said Information Systems Director Norm Ratliff:

"All you have to do is show employees the reports — evidence of what Spector 360 detects and the extent of it — and work habits change for the better."

Florida Commission on Human Relations

Industry: Government

‘Can't Beat' Spector 360 at Florida Commission on Human Relations

Spector 360 eliminated "excessive" and "explicit" Internet surfing and chatting, markedly improving productivity at the state agency. MIS Manager Fredrick Smith said:

"I just pulled up Spector 360 and I showed them the system ... and told them you can't beat the system!"

Law Enforcement Agency

Industry: Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Agency Finds Spector 360 a ‘Real Life-Saver’

A major Law Enforcement Agency in Great Britain uses Spector 360 to monitor every PC and laptop — approximately 9,000 — it deploys in the office and in the field.

“Given the highly sensitive nature of our data, if we’re preventing information leakage with Spector 360, we could be preventing loss of life,” said the Administrator tasked with daily oversight of the monitoring initiative. “In that sense you could say the mission is man-rated. Spector 360 could be a real life-saver.”

top » HealthCare, Non-profit

Montgomery County Hospital District

Industry: HealthCare

Spector 360 'Nails It' for Montgomery County Hospital District

Status as Emergency Medical Service provider holds Montgomery County Hospital District (MCHD) to an ethical higher standard, and Spector 360 is an integral part of the organization's never-ending effort to meet that lofty goal.

 Chief Operating Officer Kelly Curry said MCHD looks to Spector 360 "to help us do the right thing." In addition, Curry said: "Thanks to Spector 360, day after day we are able to say we can."

St. Margaret's Somerset Hospice

Industry: HealthCare

Spector 360 Vital to Productivity, Security at St. Margaret's Somerset Hospice

Despite best-laid plans, an 'information rights issue' cried out for monitoring software at St. Margaret's Somerset Hospice. Spector 360 to the rescue.

"Spector 360 was the only program with the ability to show us who has opened a file, edited a file, and printed a file," said IT Manager Nick Middleton. "With Spector 360, it was very easy to do, and it gave us so much more."

Hanley Center

Industry: HealthCare

Spector 360 a Valued "Extra Step" in Rehab Center's Sensitive Process

In addition to complying with HIPAA regulations, world-renowned Hanley Center seeks to be at the "cutting edge of integrity and accountability when it comes to patient confidentiality and record-keeping." Based on the experience of Michael Counes, Director of Information Technology, Spector 360 gives Hanley Center all it needed in employee monitoring software … as well as a valuable “extra step.”

"Spector 360 provides us savings in several ways: No. 1 is overall productivity."

GI Associates & Endoscopy Center

Industry: HealthCare

Spector 360 Proves Good Medicine for GI Associates & Endoscopy Center

From HIPAA compliance to unprecedented insight into employee productivity, GI Associates and Endoscopy Center gives Spector 360 a glowing report.

"Spector 360 is easily worth every penny."

Tlingit-Haida Regional Housing Authority

Industry: Not-for-Profit Organization

Monitoring Software Receives "5-Star" Rating from Not-for-Profit

Spector 360 helped the Tlingit-Haida Regional Housing Authority discover detailed and extensive abuse of computer and Internet activity by an employee about whom they had concern. This employee was surfing porn, playing games, and spending almost no time doing work. The abuse was so extensive that there was no question that the appropriate action was to terminate the employee.

The savings to the company from this one discovery is more than $60,000 in the first year alone, or almost 20 times the cost of the software.

top » Financial Services

Central Bank of Azerbaijan

Industry: Financial

Spector 360 Helps Ensure 'Rational' Behavior

Following a smooth Spector 360 installation and setup across the Central Bank's Windows network, it did not take long for administration to recognize the monitoring software's almost uncanny ability to report on computer user activity:

 "Spector 360 showed us that some employees were using their working hours irrationally," said the bank's CISO Ilham Hasanov. "They were spending too much time surfing the Internet, and chatting"

IBG Business Services

Industry: Financial

Spector 360 Yields Appreciable Returns for IBG Business Services

From helping note the actions of a disgruntled employee to checking on regulatory compliance, IBG Business Services President John Zayac believes "Spector 360 has you covered." In addition, Zayac estimates Spector 360 has made a significant impact on company productivity:

 "If you gain back 1 hour a day … then the figure is $180,000 a year in recouped productivity for just 30 employees."

Dannible & McKee, LLP

Industry: Financial Services

Spector 360 Helps Dannible & McKee Account for Productivity

Dannible & McKee, LLP had no way to keep track of computer and Internet activity when employees worked with company-issued laptops in the office, at home, or at client sites ... despite using a popular filtering program and having a written Acceptable Use Policy.

Enter Spector 360. Now Dannible & McKee Partners tell clients, peer law firms, and other professional service companies that thanks to Spector 360...

 "We know our employees are working on client matters and being as efficient as possible."


Industry: Financial Services

Spector 360 Helps Keep International Bank Productive, Secure

Investment Commercial Bank NIKOIL needed to investigate potential Information Security incidents, while also exercising control over the use of employee computer resources. Enter Spector 360, and NIKOIL’s needs were met company-wide.

“With Spector 360 installed, bank management does not have to worry that someone deliberately, or through ignorance, will inflict financial loss or reveal company confidential information,” said Chief Information Security Officer Rasim Karimov.

top » Education

Bexhill College

Industry: Education

Spector 360 ‘Can Do the Lot’ for Bexhill College

Because content filtering "was not up to dealing with the emerging proxies," Bexhill College administration feared many students were wasting time and hiding it. In addition, "general Internet misuse" plagued the English sixth form institution, leading it to search for and find Spector 360, a solution capable of both overview and depth.

"Spector 360 delivers quick reports about what's going on all the time ... it’s very good at spotting trends," said Systems Engineer and Network Administrator Bob Bailey. "With Spector 360 you can find something five feet down."

Plainfield Community School District

Industry: Education

Spector 360 Minimizes Ill Winds at Plainfield Community School District

Spector 360 immediately helped the Plainfield Community School District realize savings of approximately $40K a year. In addition, Network Administrator Russell Moore said:

"Spector 360 greatly enhanced our ability to keep students from doing what they're not supposed to do."

Lowanna College

Industry: Education

Spector 360 Keeps Misbehavior Down Under at Lowanna College

Spector 360's "amazing look" into student computer and Internet activity shocked Lowanna College staff, but ICT Manager Greg Gebhart feels the software's findings are indicative of many high schools in Australia and the world.

"We could see that three-quarters of the class were on the Internet ... we could see it in detail ... the games and all the rest."

New Castle Community Schools

Industry: Education

Monitoring Software Helps Keep Good Kids Good

Indiana's New Castle Community Schools system had only a clue as to what was going on within its own walls. Monitoring Software from SpectorSoft, however, provided significant insight into student activities as well as a strong link in the school system's effort to comply with the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA).

"Spector 360 is such an eye-opener. Any school that thinks it doesn't have a problem is fooling itself."

Park Rapids Area School District

Industry: Education

Park Rapids Area School District Finds the Perfect "Classroom Monitor"

Spector 360 has "locked down" the computer environment, increased classroom productivity many-fold, and helped this school district maintain CIPA compliance. "Teachers praise our ability to monitor," said Jeff Hunt, Director of Information and Technology. "Classroom productivity has absolutely increased using Spector 360. Teachers now feel like they can talk TO the students, as opposed to having to stand BEHIND them."

"Spector 360 is one of the best software buys we've made since I've been here. Probably the best."

Hickman County Schools

Industry: Education

Spector 360 Helps Hickman County Eagles Straighten Up and Fly Right

The bottom-line assessment of Spector 360's impact on both the work and learning environment at Tennessee's Hickman County Schools is simple yet powerful: "major reduction of bad stuff happening."

"Thanks to Spector 360, we have tightened the work environment as well as the learning environment."

St. Anthony Parish

Industry: Education

Spector 360 Keeps Parish Students, Employees Singing from Same Hymn Book

Spector 360 monitoring software uncovered an "incredible" PC highjacking at St. Anthony Parish in Wisconsin, and has impressed both IT and administration.

"Spector 360 is extremely user-friendly and feature-rich. Spector 360 definitely has increased productivity."

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