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Spector 360 Employee Monitoring Software offers numerous benefits, most of which you will recognize as soon as you install the product.

The most significant benefit is the cost savings to your company. Your Return On Investment (ROI) will be realized almost immediately as a result of increased productivity coupled with the low cost of ownership. Please refer to SpectorSoft's ROI Calculator to see how much money you can save with Spector 360.

Besides saving your company money, Spector 360 has many other attributes that will directly benefit your IT staff and the Managers who actually use the tool.

Summary of Technical Benefits:

Summary of End User Benefits:

Technical Benefits:

Complete Internet & PC Monitoring
Every facet of PC usage is monitored and recorded at the workstation level providing you with valuable information about how your office PCs are being used.

Visibility into Activity Across Devices
Watching only computer activity leaves you vulnerable to data theft and leaks on your smartphones. Spector 360 gives you unmatched visibility into what your employees are doing, regardless of the device.

Centralized Management
PC recordings, including Events, Screen Snapshots and Email Attachments are transferred to a centralized depository (called the Data Vault) allowing for quick access, backup and review by the Spector 360 Dashboard application.

Scalable Architecture
The flexible architecture of Spector 360 allows your monitoring and surveillance capabilities to expand as your company grows.

Rapid Deployment
MMC-based deployment tools make installation, configuration and ongoing data collection easy.

Data Security & Integrity
With multi-level user accounts, optional file encryption for Email Attachments and Snapshot files, and a centralized SQL database, Spector 360 offers multiple layers of security for your recorded data.

The client recorder installs in seconds and operates in “stealth mode” so your employees are unaware that they are being monitored.

Assign roles to those using Spector 360 to restrict their views when monitoring certain employees or departments. For example, you can restrict the view of a front line manager so he sees only the data collected from the employees in his department.

No Performance Impact
The additional overhead incurred to monitor your employees is marginal and will not impact your network or the computers being monitored.

End User Benefits:

Intuitive & Easy to Use
The Spector 360 Dashboard, with its feature rich User Interface and built-in Wizards, offers both a “High Level View” and “Detailed View” of how your employees use the Internet and Computer Resources.

Feature Depth
Spector 360 provides you with numerous tools and capabilities, making it the most powerful Employee Monitoring package on the market.

You can create customized charts and reports to address the specific needs of your organization.

Powerful search capabilities are provided that allow you to sift through voluminous data to locate a specific word or string.

Information Accessibility
There are more than 50 built-in charts and reports that can be generated quickly on demand.

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