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Spectorsoft partners with education institutions with a focus on keeping students safe both inside and out of the classroom. By providing visibility into a student’s computer activity, parents, faculty and staff gain teachable moments used to improve student safety, achievement, focus and success.

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Protect your Students and District with Spector 360

Spector 360 monitors and records what your students do on school PCs and the Internet, enabling you to be alerted to and review that activity in order to Increase Student Time on Task, Protect Kids and Your Network from the Dangers of the Internet and Save Money on Unnecessary Software Licensing. Using high-level views of activity, you can quickly analyze trends and patterns, as well as drill down into specific activity to investigate suspect behavior. Search student activity for specific details. And report your findings from the convenience of your desktop.

With Spector 360 you will find out

  • Which students are goofing off instead of doing class work
  • How students are getting around firewalls & filters to visit Facebook or surf porn
  • Which students are eating up bandwidth by downloading music, videos & games
  • Who is copying files to or from USB drives or peer-to-peer servers
  • If staff members are using PCs for inappropriate activities & communications
  • Which kids are searching for terms like ‘Proxy Server’, ‘Bombs’, or ‘Drugs’
  • If you're overpaying for software licenses that are not being used as projected

Spector 360 offers powerful user-level investigative tools. If you detect a problem or suspect a specific student is the main culprit of abuse, dig deeper and review every detail of their computer and Internet activity to gather the evidence you need. In addition, Spector 360 shows you in exact visual detail what a student does every step of the way with Screen Playback.

Top Reasons Schools Monitor Students and Staff:

Improve your CIPA Web Filter Strengthen Web Filters and Firewalls
While CIPA requires schools to provide filters to block unsuitable web sites, filters can sometimes be too restrictive or fail to block some inappropriate sites. Students today also know how to circumvent filtering technology using proxy servers and other tricks. Spector 360 lets you track where students go on the Internet and how they got there.
Monitor Student Computers Increase Time on Task and Learning
Significantly reduce the amount of time students goof off while in class or computer labs. Spector 360 can reduce game-playing and inappropriate web surfing by at least 75%. Imagine the increased achievement that just another 10 minutes of learning time per student per class would bring.
Find Proxy Use Identify and Investigate At-Risk Behavior
Any student or staff member suspected of engaging in inappropriate, illegal, or unapproved conduct can be quickly investigated with Spector 360.
Enforce your Acceptable Use Policy Enforce your Acceptable Use Policy
Students often believe that rules can be bent if no one is watching. Spector 360 is continually watching so computer abuse by students is minimized. Lower the incidence of students trying to circumvent your firewall and filters, reduce the number of bad words typed and determine if students are being bullied online.
Meet or exceed Federal compliance requirements Compliance Requirements
Meet or exceed Federal compliance requirements such as the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) with Spector 360 by seamlessly maintaining records of Internet use, communications and transactions.
Monitor Laptops Monitor One-to-One Laptops
End student abuse of laptops when they are away from campus. Spector 360 will continue to monitor student Internet and PC usage as well as block restricted web sites, even when computers are removed from the school network.


Spector 360 Success Stories

Plainfield Community School District
The Plainfield Community School District (PCSD) was challenged to minimize or eliminate Internet-based game-playing, web-surfing, and identity theft.

Spector 360 immediately helped PCSD realize savings of approximately $40K a year, as well as greatly enhance the district’s “ability to keep students from doing what they’re not supposed to do.”
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Success Story
St. Anthony’s Parish

St. Anthony’s Parish was challenged to monitor its entire network to protect it from unauthorized and unproductive use.
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Success Story
Lowanna College

Lowanna College was challenged to protect students from the Internet’s dark side, and also to defend teachers and administration against liability as they went about their “duty of care.”
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Success Story
Hickman County Schools

Based on teacher indiscretions as well as student misbehavior, Hickman County Schools was challenged to find a user-friendly monitoring program capable of recording all PC and Internet activity.
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What School Officials are Saying...

“Spector 360 monitoring software uncovered an ‘incredible’ PC highjacking and has impressed both IT and administration as ‘user-friendly and feature-rich.’”

— Andrew Michaels, Director of Technology and Information Services, St. Anthony Parish

“Spector 360 helped us realize huge savings by uncovering a software program that was not being used as widely as we anticipated. We are now able to save $40K annually by reducing the number of licenses we pay for.”

— Russell Moore, Network Administrator, Plainfield Community School District

“Using Spector 360’s screen snapshots, we could see that three-quarters of the class were on the Internet … we could see it in detail … the games and all the rest.”

— Greg Gebhart, ICT Manager, Lowanna College, Australia

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