When suspicion of inappropriate or unethical behavior exists, Spector 360 and its powerful User Explorer tool can help investigate the potential impropriety. From reviewing stored Client Recorder Snapshots to analyzing Keyword Alerts, the User Explorer tool empowers you to inspect computer and Internet event data tied to an individual employee, one employee at a time. This tool is perfect for performing spot investigations for anyone in your company.

User Explorer—a Spector 360 “Investigation” Tool

The User Explorer Tool (contained within the Dashboard) is ideal for conducting investigations by displaying the event data associated with individual employees. An "Explorer" style window lets you navigate within the recorded events of any employee. You can export your findings for use in other Windows applications or print the information displayed on the screen.

A powerful part of the Spector 360 Dashboard, the User Explorer Tool is ideal for conducting investigations of potential employee misconduct. By displaying the event data associated with individual employees, management can quickly determine if an employee has misappropriated corporate assets, acted inappropriately towards coworkers, or is involved in other indiscretions. An "Explorer" style window lets you navigate within the recorded events of any employee, with options to export your findings for use in other Windows applications or print the information displayed on the screen.

The User Explorer Tool empowers you to navigate through recorded events at a high level and then load specific events of interest to “drill down” and view the associated details. At any time you can view the actual screen images associated with those events using the Spector 360 Screen Snapshot Viewer with its video-like controls. Documenting infractions for corrective action is a simple process and can be performed with the click of a mouse.

With the User Explorer Tool you can focus on specific elements pertaining to each activity, narrowing your investigation. Refer to the Event Criteria Checklist for the complete list of focus options for the Spector 360 User Explorer.

The following activities can be analyzed on an individual basis with the User Explorer Tool:

User Explorer Overview
Activity/Event Description Examples of Use


Emails captured from most web and application based email programs.
  • Identify those emails sent with attachments and inspect the contents.
  • Determine if the employee opened up any SPAM email.
  • Determine if the employee is sending email to a competitor by inspecting the recipient’s domain.

User Activity

Date and time a user logs in or out of the system, as well as the amount of activity they produced during this period.
  • Detect if the employee is arriving late or leaving early by monitoring the employee’s computer activity.
  • Reveal if the employee is taking long or frequent breaks.

Website Visits

Information for all URLs visited by the user.
  • Investigate the web sites visited and quickly determine if they are work related.

Online Searches

Information for all online searches.
  • Find out what online searches the employee performed to see if they are looking for a job or searching for non-work- related information (e.g.: “accounting jobs”,“vacations”).


Keystrokes captured from all keyboard activity.
  • Investigate an employee’s keystrokes to determine if an impropriety has occurred.
  • Look at hidden characters that are typically masked by many programs.

Program Activity

Information regarding program usage, including application(s) used, time focused on application versus time application was in background.
  • Reveal the types of programs an employee is using and identify if any are non-work-related applications such as computer games.
  • See which programs the employee is using and how much time they are spending in each.

Network Activity

Details which applications are connecting to the Internet, when the connections are made, the internet address they connected to, what TCP ports are being used, and the amount of network bandwidth consumed.
  • Determine if the employee is consuming network bandwidth and reveal the source of the traffic, such as streaming music or movies, or downloading copyright media.

Document Tracking

Details of files printed or copied to removable media such as a USB drive, CD or DVD, as well as network or local drives.
  • Quickly identify if an employee is printing out documents that they should not be printing.
  • Find out if an employee is sending confidential or proprietary information to a USB stick or other media by inspecting the contents of those files.


Data related to Chat and Instant Messaging conversations captured from Yahoo, Skype, AOL, MSN, and various other Chat/IM programs.
  • View individual Chat sessions and see who the employee was chatting with and exactly what was sent and received in each session.