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Spector 360 is provided as a software package that can be downloaded from the SpectorSoft web site and/or supplied via a CD. The software architecture includes the following components:

1 Client Recorders

This software component is configured and installed onto every computer being monitored and can execute in “stealth mode” so the employee is unaware they are being monitored. The Client Recorder is highly configurable and can be used to filter and block specific traffic, schedule network access, generate keyword alerts, and more. Refer to the Record section for detailed information on the specific events recorded.

2 Control Center

All of the Client Recorders are configured and managed by the Spector 360 Control Center, which is used to push out the application to the clients located on the company Intranet. The Control Center also is responsible for configuring the Data Vault. Refer to the Manage section for additional information.

3 Dashboard

The Dashboard is the focal point for all Employee Monitoring in Spector 360. The Dashboard queries the SQL server for event data and accesses the network share for screen snapshots and email attachments. The Dashboard is a graphical based .NET Windows application. It is possible to configure more than one Dashboard application on the network. It is also possible to configure multiple Databases, any of which can be accessed via the Dashboard. Refer to the Analyze section for additional information.

The Dashboard and Control Center can reside on the same machine, but often these components are isolated from each other for security reasons. For example, the individual responsible for deployment of the clients may not be authorized to view the data collected. Several copies of the Dashboard may be deployed throughout your organization. For example, you may give a copy to the Human Resources manager or a front line manager so they can monitor the employees in their department. The view of each Dashboard can be restricted so the person analyzing the data only has access to the information pertaining to the employees they are authorized to monitor.

Please refer to the Systems Requirements section for additional information on sizing and hardware requirements for Spector 360.

4 Server Components

Spector 360 includes four software-based server components. All four components can reside on one server-class machine or can be distributed across multiple machines to improve performance. The Server Components are:

Primary Server

The Primary server software, which typically resides on the same machine as the SQL Server, provides services such as software updates and license compliance to all computers configured with the Client Recorder.

Data Vault

All of the Client Recorders send their information to the Data Vault at a predefined interval. This information includes event data, screen snapshots, and email attachments. The Data Vault then relays the event data to the SQL Database and stores the screen snapshots and email attachments on a network share accessible by the Dashboard.

SQL Server and Database

The SQL Server and Database stores all event data collected over time from the computers being monitored. Database management, including backup and archiving, is controlled by the Dashboard application. Refer to the Archive section for additional information.

Web Filter Server

Before a web browser is allowed to access a web site, the Web Filter Server checks with the SQL Server Database to find out if the web site the user is attempting to access is blocked or allowed. If the web site domain is blocked, a message (which is customizable) is displayed on the user’s computer, informing them that access to the web site is not allowed. The Web Filtering rules can apply to all users, a group of users, or just one user. The Dashboard Management tool assists you in creation of new Web Filtering rules. Refer to the Web Filtering section for additional information.

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