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Architecture & Components

Spector 360 enables you to record, review, report and retain employee activity on corporate-owned computers and networks to see exactly what happened, to what extent, those involved and even why. Spector 360 architecture consists of various components that work together to form a complete employee monitoring security solution.

Server Components

Spector 360 includes four software-based server components. All four components can reside on one server-class machine, or can be distributed across multiple machines to improve performance. The server components are:

  • Primary Server

    The Primary Server software, which typically resides on the same machine as the SQL Server mentioned below, provides services such as license compliance to all computers configured with the Spector 360 Client Recorder.

  • Data Vault

    Each computer configured with the Client Recorder will send encrypted information to the Data Vault at a highly customizable, predefined interval. This information includes event data to be stored in an encrypted SQL database, as well as screen snapshots and email attachments that are stored securely as well. The stored screen snapshots and email attachments are searchable and accessible by the Spector 360 Dashboard tool.

  • SQL Server and Database

    All event data collected from computers with active Client Recorders is stored in a relational database on a SQL Server. Each licensed installation of Spector 360 includes a seamlessly integrated SQL Server instance that is right-sized for your implementation, at no additional cost. You are able to control all facets of database management, including automatic Archive and Backup, via the easy to use interface of the Spector 360 Control Center.

  • Web Filter Server

    Spector 360 employs a Web Filter Server to determine if a website the user is attempting to access is blocked or allowed. If the Web Filter Server blocks the website domain, a customizable message is displayed on the user’s computer, informing them that access to the website is not allowed. The Web Filtering rules can be managed on a granular level, applying to all users, a group of users, or just one specific user. The Spector 360 Dashboard tool assists you in creating new Web Filtering rules.

Client Recorders

The Spector 360 Client Recorder software is configured and installed onto every computer to be monitored. When necessary, the recorder can be deployed and executed in “stealth mode,” leaving the employee unaware they are being monitored. The Client Recorder is highly configurable and can be used to filter and block specific Internet or network traffic, schedule network access, generate keyword alerts, and more.

Control Center

The Client Recorders on each monitored computer are configured and managed centrally by the Spector 360 Control Center. The Control Center is used to push the Client Recorder out to the monitored computers located on the company intranet. The Control Center is also responsible for configuring the Data Vault.


The Dashboard tool is the focal point for all Employee Monitoring and user behavior analysis in Spector 360. The Dashboard queries the SQL Server for event data and accesses recorded screen snapshots and email attachments via a secure directory on your company server. While the Dashboard and Control Center can reside on the same machine, these components are often segregated from each other for security reasons. Best practice dictates this segregation when the individual responsible for deployment of the clients is not authorized to view the data collected.

It is possible to configure more than one Dashboard Management Tool on the network, which can access one or more Spector 360 SQL Databases. Giving a unique Dashboard to the Human Resources manager, and another unique Dashboard to a front line manager allows each manager to monitor the employees in their own department. The permissions of each Dashboard can be restricted, enabling the person analyzing the data only to access information pertaining to employees they are authorized to monitor.

The Systems Requirements for each Spector 360 installation are unique, based on your individual employee monitoring needs.