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Secure Archiving

Microsoft SQL Server included

With Spector 360, storing data is safe and secure, as each licensed installation of Spector 360 includes a seamlessly integrated SQL Server instance that is right-sized for your implementation, at no additional cost. Event Data captured by the Spector 360 Client Recorder is stored securely in the SQL Database, with Screen Snapshots and Email Attachments stored securely on your network. As data is collected by each active Client Recorder, it periodically sends this information to the Data Vault, which is responsible for decryption and SQL Server communication, as well as Screen Snapshot and Email Attachment storage.

Spector 360 recordings can be archived using one of the following methods:

  • Single Network Server

    Recommended for small and medium sized companies, the single network server method automatically archives all Client Recorder data to a single, centralized network server running the Spector 360 Data Vault and supplied SQL Server.

  • Multiple Network Server

    Recommended for medium to large companies, the multiple network servers method automatically archives Client Recorder data to any one of a number of network servers running the Spector 360 Data Vault and supplied SQL Server. This allows you to centralize the computer recordings as you see fit …by department, floor, building, location, etc.

Single Network Server

Handling the function of data storage and security, the Data Vault provides superior security and data management over the traditional method of storing your recordings on each local computer.

The Data Vault is installed in a secure location on your network server. Individual client computers will automatically send their recordings to the Data Vault, where the data is then organized and saved for subsequent retrieval and review. This data transmission is done while protecting the recordings from tampering and unauthorized access.

All recorded event data contained in the SQL Database, and Screen Snapshots and Email Attachments stored on a secure network drive, can be automatically retrieved and reviewed across the network—eliminating the need to physically visit each computer.

Multiple Network Servers

Providing more control over where the Client Recorder data is stored, using the Multiple Servers Method allows you to organize your recordings by department, office floor, location or any other category you choose, compartmentalizing the Spector 360 data storage. Each server runs an independent copy of the Data Vault. Groups of computers are then assigned to the server group, automatically uploading recordings to the Data Vault.

Using the Spector 360 Dashboard, the recordings in each server group can be automatically retrieved and reviewed across the network—eliminating the need to physically visit each computer. Spector 360 provides the capability to centrally review recorded data by accessing the SQL Server and network drives directly.

Data Backup

Regular backups of your Spector 360 recordings will ensure that you have a complete historical record of everything that is occurring on your company computers.

All database backup and management functions can be performed from a central location using the Spector 360 Dashboard. You can perform both full and differential backups of the database, as well as use the archive feature to retire a fully populated database and start a new one.

Recordings of Screen Snapshots and Email Attachments are archived into a single folder, organized into subfolders for each computer that is being recorded. Backups made to Tape, CD, DVD or other storage media can be easily restored and viewed with Spector 360.

Data Security

  • Server

    Spector 360 implements two primary security standards to prevent unauthorized access to recordings:

    • Authentication
    • Encryption

    Access to the SQL Database is facilitated using either Windows authentication or SQL Server authentication.

    All recordings are encrypted by the Spector 360 Client Recorder before they are sent to the Data Vault. The Data Vault then stores the event data into the SQL Database where authentication is required for access. The Screen Snapshots and Email Attachments are stored on a network drive using encryption that only the Spector 360 Dashboard application is capable of decrypting.

    Access to viewing the data can be restricted via the Dashboard, so, as an example, a front line manager only can review the recordings of his or her own department. Administrative control of who is authorized to view this data, including full login and password management, also is provided by Spector 360.

  • Client

    Recordings (data files) are completely portable and can be viewed on any computer with an optionally installed Spector 360 Client Viewer.

    Two primary security standards ensure that recorded data is accessible only to authorized personnel:

    • Access Prevention (Hotkeys)
    • Password Protection