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Effortlessly Manage Employee Monitoring With Spector360

The management of Spector 360 is addressed by the Control Center and Dashboard Management Tool. The Control Center is responsible for the remote management and configuration of all computers being monitored while the Dashboard Management Tool is responsible for the management and configuration of all monitoring functions and the backup and archival of the SQL Database.

Spector 360 Control Center

The Spector 360 Control Center provides the capability to change the configuration of the Data Vault Server, Database Storage, and Primary Server. It also can be used to change the parameters for client communications and security.

The Control Center also allows you to remotely manage and configure the monitoring component for each of the computers on your network. With this tool you never have to physically visit individual computers.

Manage Computers
(Remote install, remote uninstall and pre-configure installation settings)

Managing deployment of Spector 360 in your organization is a breeze. Each computer on your network can be sent an invisible file that will initiate installation of the Spector 360 Recorder. Installation occurs on the computer at the date and time you specify and is completely undetectable by the user. Likewise, the Recorder can be uninstalled transparently from within the Control Center.

A built-in Deployment Utility is used to create configurations for remote installations allowing you to predetermine which elements of the Recorder are active upon installation and fine-tune other settings. These configuration files can be saved and reused as part of additional installations.

Configure Computers
(Turn recording on/off and change settings remotely)

Spector 360 offers the flexible recording options you need. For instance, you may wish to record only email on one computer while recording email, chat and instant messages on another.

With a single click you can view which elements of the Recorder are active and inactive at each individual computer. Configuring these settings or simply turning the Recorder ON or OFF can be accomplished from within the Control Center.

MMC Snap-In

The Spector 360 Control Center is a standard Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Snap-In. By using the Windows MMC framework, Spector 360 will minimize your ongoing administration costs by providing simplicity, consistency and integration into your existing network.

System administrators will find the Spector 360 interface familiar and will be productive from the start without any special training. MMC is included in the Windows XP and Windows 2000 operating systems.

Spector 360 Dashboard Management Tool

The Dashboard provides a privileged “Super User” account to manage the following:

  • Dashboard Authentication
  • Dashboard Access Privileges
  • Dashboard General Configuration
  • Dashboard Scheduling of Reports
  • SQL Database Backup and Archive Jobs
  • Network Accessible File Storage Location of Screen Snapshots and Email Attachments

To use the Dashboard application you must first authenticate by using Windows Authentication or SQL Server Authentication, the latter requiring a valid login and password. Once you authenticate as a Master User, you can set up other Master User accounts and Standard User accounts and customize the Dashboard to suit your specific needs.

Master User

The Master User account type can set up other login accounts and restrict which employees they can view. For example, you can install the Dashboard on the computer of a front line manager so he can monitor the employees in his department but restrict him from being able to view the recordings of anyone else in the company. This type of account can also manage core data resources within the Dashboard such as computers, domains, programs, and users. Only the Master User is capable of performing SQL Database management. Only a Master User can assign another Master User SQL Database management privileges.

Standard User

The Standard User account type is very restricted. This type of User can not make any changes to the core data resources, however, they can add, delete, and modify the Dashboard charts and reports and change the Global Criteria without affecting any other Dashboard User. The Standard User must be configured for SQL Server authentication if the User is required to change his own password. This type of account can also schedule reports on permitted data if configured for Windows Authentication.

In addition, the Management Tool allows the User to perform the following tasks:

SQL Database Management
Schedule full and incremental backups of the SQL Database, manage and configure the Database archives, and monitor the status of all Database jobs. This function can only be performed by the Master User.

File Storage Location
Controls the location of the network share where Screen Snapshots and Email Attachments are stored. This function can be performed only by the Master User.

Add, Edit, and Delete Resources
Allows you to manage the core data resources representing Computers, Users, Programs, and Domains or group any of these into identifiable entities. For example, you can create a group of users called “Sales” populated with the employees that make up the Sales department. Alternately, you can create program groups of all productivity related programs. You can also create a Domain group comprised of the domains that make up your competitors and so on. This function can be performed only by the Master User.

Schedule Reports
Arrange for regular delivery of important Dashboard reports to an email address, file, or printer. This function can be performed by both the Master and Standard User as long as Windows Authentication is used.

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